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Jazz Guitar Resources

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Electric Guitar Resources


Pick Technique                      Right Hand Scale Fingerings                       5 Major Scales

5 Natural Minor Scales           5 Pentatonic Scales                                   5 Blues Scales


5 Minor 7th Arpeggios            5 Dom 7th Arpeggios                     5 Major 7th Arpeggios


Basic Chords                          Bar Chords                                              3-note Chords

4-note Chords                           Extendend & Altered Chords                            Blank Chord Diagrams

Theory & Fretboard Knowledge

Key Signatures                       Major-Minor Relationships              Fretboard (open-12th)

Fretboard (12th-22nd)             Basic First Position Notes                Jazz Guitar Fretboard


Tuning & Technique

5th Fret Tuning Method           Harmonic Tuning Method                         Left Hand Slurs

Visual Resources & Recommended Positioning